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Posted by on 9/12/2016


"This is the best one"

By Nam Duong on September 17, 2016


“Worked exactly as advertised. Easy install. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to take their AC out during winter and put it in for summer. 200 lb capacity will hold any AC”.

By David R Richardson September 15, 2016



By James I on September 14, 2016


“Now have four of these brackets. They are very useful for installing any window air conditioner. Even the smallest A/C units weigh 30-40 lbs. and that is a lot of weight to be moving around in awkward ways. I first bought one for my daughter after she dropped her A/C out her back window. It is important to visit the Top Shelf website to see if the unit is compatible with your window and wall thickness before purchasing. You don't need to use any fasteners with it but there are two holes that can be used to screw it to the window frame and I have used a couple of screws to attach mine. Although the price seemed a bit high to me at first, after seeing how inferior some lower cost units were in comparison, I think they are a good value”.

By Cyberfelix on September 5, 2016


“Got this item for my mom and was very pleased to hear that it worked out perfect for her. She lives in a second-floor apartment in New York I was told that it was easy to install and very well made”.

By Sonia Rivera on August 10, 2016



“They did make a point of contacting me to ensure the product fit my window. I appreciate their diligence. And the product was great.”

 By M. Niall on August 6, 2016.


“Excellent product and sets up so easy for placing an air conditioning unit into a window. Thanks for having this available”.

By Nancon August 4, 2016


“Best AC mounting bracket I've ever seen. The installation is quick and easy. It beats hanging the unit from the window frame and works with replacement windows. Highly recommended”.

By ttpsurfon August 4, 2016


“Easy to install, very sturdy and no drilling necessary. I have a 100lb 12,000 air conditioner and this bracket is supporting it with no problem”.

By Michelle Hightower on August 3, 2016


“Works great. I just put in a new window and didn't want to put screws into the sill so I got this and don't regret the extra cost of this CD standard bracket. I emailed the company directly and told them which type of window I was having installed and they confirmed it would work and it did”.

By Dagodzenton July 30, 2016


“Easy to install and works great with my bonus room 10.000 BTU room air conditioner!”

By John Janicek on July 27, 2016


“After you click buy, you'll get a notification with specs and diagrams to make sure it'll fit before they send it to you which makes sense. The instructions are pretty good, there are extra diagrams that aren't relevant. The installation is way easier than I thought it would be, took me about 2-3 minutes and putting the A/C on top is so easy, I wish I discovered this mount earlier. Will definitely buy another should another A/C be installed and will be recommending it to friends. My only qualm is there does seem to be just a little air seepage from the bottom, but you can address that with insulation”.

By S. Hoon July 22, 2016


“Finally something that worked”!

By dap106 on July 21, 2016


“Purchased for a grown daughter who lives in an older, tiny apartment without AC. The bracket assembles in a snap, is truly heavy duty, and is really easy to install. Overall I was impressed with the quality. I definitely would purchase this again”.

By V. WELCH on July 19, 2016


Great Mechanical Engineering

(1) Extremely easy setup

(2) Well thought mechanical design (1/2 step holes)

(3) Superior quality materials (paint, metal), very stable.

(4) Great support (send him picture of your window, and he will tell you if it will fit)

By Doctor G. on July 18, 2016


“The top shelf air conditioner window support is a great product, I did not have to drill holes in my window frame and it supports my air conditioner beautifully, and it looks good on outside of the house. I would've given it a five star, however the side panels on the air conditioner didn't not align with the window to give it a complete seal”.

By Ann on July 16, 2016


“I love this shelf. I installed it myself. Very simple, very easy. My air conditioner is very large, I worried if the shelf would hold. It's perfect. If I need another one--I would buy it. I highly recommend this product”.

By SANDRA on July 8, 2016


“Prompt, expert help making sure bracket would fit. These folks know what they are doing. A quality product.”

 By SMA on June 23, 2016.


“Excellent product. Has the three things I like. Very easy to setup, very well made, simple instructions. Took 10 minutes to unbox, setup item, and setup air conditioner. Worth every penny and highly recommend. Just make sure you answer his email request for confirmation.”

 By Anthony j. on June 8, 2016.


“Would buy again spoke to seller he was worry it wouldn’t fit , offer money back if it did not fit , but once i got was a perfect fit , he called back to check that says a lot about the company.”   

 By Felipe Ferrer on June 8, 2016.

“Seller actually contacted me to ensure my window had the right fit for his construction. Which it did (read your stuff people) But very courtesy person, he didn't charge my bank account until I double checked the info and then confirmed. A++++ ”

Evee linden on June 8, 2016.


“This one of the most intelligently designed products I have ever used! So simple to install, no tiny little parts, basically self - explanatory. Fits perfectly into modern vinyl window sill. Infinite adjustability. And very strong. Worth every penny”!

By S. Gaines on June 3, 2016


“They really care about making sure the product is right for you before they even ship it out. It's an excellent product sold by a great company. ”

 By Russell on May 25, 2016.


“I put it in today , it's perfect I will be ordering two more Just what I needed to protect my window from a portable air conditioner , my air conditioner is on a solid good base I love it ”

By Carolyn on May 14, 2016



 By Miriam on September 16, 2015.


“Shipped fast, and excellent product.”

 By John T. on August 25, 2015.


“Perfect!! no screws no holes fit perfectly”!!

By mtnmn on January 16, 2016


“Well made. I like the fact that it doesn't need to be screwed into the sill and that it installs inside the window”.

By Ray S on January 7, 2016