Your Liability Insurance Requirements

Posted by on 9/19/2016

 A well know occurrence from the insurance industry concerning liability for window A/C units has had a big impact on the shareholders and tenants alike. The individual insurance companies such as GNY (Greater New York) are requiring building owners and management companies to install brackets for every window A/C unit building wide. Failure to comply could lead to the termination of their liability insurance. This has forced co-ops, condos and apartment buildings to require shareholders and tenants to purchase and properly install their window A/C brackets.

When considering the practicality of installing window brackets it is important to take into consideration the time spent doing so. Whether you the shareholder or tenant are going to install the bracket yourself, hire the super to do the installation or outsource to a professional installation company, you have to factor in the costs of both time and money. Shareholders and tenants do not incur such labor charges when installing the TopShelf A/C Bracket thus realizing substantial savings.  

The TopShelf A/C Bracket is able to install in a few minutes without the need for drilling, tools, fasteners and hardware. No permanent damage to the building structure. Just unpack, snap the bracket into place and put it into your double hung window. So simple an 8-year-old can do it. (Adult placement of the A/C unit is recommended).